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Unfortunately, up to six in ten (60%) of people has had back pain at some point in their lives and to make matters worse, half them develops chronic back pain which can lasting for months and years.

As everyone’s back pains is caused by unique and different factors such as

  • poor postural habits
  • sedentary lifestyle (lots of sitting and lying down, little exercise)
  • genetically caused
  • disease
  • accidents, injury and trauma

that’s why back therapy and physiotherapy will be different from individual to individual.

Back Pain Symptoms

Common symptoms of back pain are a combination of the following:

  • shooting pain
  • sharp pain
  • stabbing pain
  • pain that can travel and radiate down the leg
  • muscles and structures of the back becomes very stiff
  • painful with standing or moving

Ideally, treatment should always begins with pain relief physiotherapy first, and when/after the pain has been relieved, only then proceed with  differential in-depth assessment to identify the root cause of the back pain and to treat the root cause – so that the back pain doesn’t recur.

Back Pain Therapy

Following diagnosis, the senior physiotherapist will then create a custom physio intervention plan for you, and depending on the causes of the problem, you may be treated with a combination

  • heat therapy to loosen the back muscles, tissues and joints
  • cold therapy to decrease inflammation and pain
  • ultrasound therapy to accelerate soft tissue healing
  • manual therapy
  • joint manipulation and mobilization to increase the natural range
  • pain relief physiotherapy
  • stretching and flexibility physiotherapy
  • dry needling physiotherapy
  • computerized decompressive spinal traction
  • back progressive strengthening
  • core stability strengthening

In many cases, we may need to do an ergonomics physiotherapy assessment on your workstation and workplace, to determine the role of your workplace and workstation in you back injury and back pain, and we may prescribe work/desk-specific modification and changes that you may have to do to prevent the back pain from coming back.

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