Pediatric Stretching Programs

Pediatric Stretching Programs

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Pediatric stretching programs are physiotherapy-designed programs to help children and kids to improve

  • flexibility
  • posture
  • mal-alignment
  • help recovery

after disease or injuries.

What are Stretching Programs?

Stretching programs are an important part of many physiotherapy treatment packages.

What happens is that usually after a period of injury or disease, an area of the body has become immobile for a length of time the muscles can contract and shorten.

This can cause discomfort impede recovery and cause poor posture.

These physiotherapy stretching programs are specially designed to help improve flexibility, increase muscle control and increase range of movement.

Who benefits from Paediatric Stretching Programs?

Pediatric means it’s for children and kids below 18 who will benefit from different physiotherapy programs as well.

Some of the main conditions which can benefit from stretching programs are listed below.

  • Club foot/Talipes
  • Fractures
  • Back pain
  • Post-surgery
  • Gait Problems
  • Spina Bifida
  • etc

What do Stretching Programs Exercises involve?

Your stretching program can include a number of different stretches.

  1. Passive Stretching: Your physiotherapist will apply a stretch to your body.
  2. Active Stretching: Your physiotherapist will explain a stretch to you but you will complete the stretch.
  3. Splinting: Utilizes orthotics to apply a stretch over a long period of time

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