Serial Casting

Serial casting (A) A layer of stockinette was applied over foot and... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Serial casting refers to the development and wearing of a series of padded casts in order to increase range of movement and muscle length.

It is mainly used as a treatment procedure for individuals who have neurological conditions such as

  • stroke,
  • multiple sclerosis and
  • cerebral palsy

that cause muscle tightness and reduced range of movement over time.

It is essential that as much range of movement as possible is maintained at each joint in order to enable the individual to move around comfortably and carry out normal activities of daily living.

The casts are made specifically to fit the individual by a specialist

  1. hand occupational therapist
  2. hand physiotherapist
  3. neurological physiotherapist

Typically cast is worn for one week then removed and another made in a different angle to increase the stretch and so on until the target range of movement is achieved.

The casting procedure can take 4-8 weeks.

Your neurological physiotherapist will provide advice and exercises to do within this time period to ensure optimum benefit from the serial casting procedure.

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